From a craft industry to a virtual world

Acquisition 3D From its beginning, the orthotics and prosthetics profession has been an exemplary craft industry.
he ortho-prosthetist technician prepares the patients’ mouldings, sculpts the materials required to make the device and assembles and adjusts the various elements that comprise it.
It is manual profession for which the technician must be skilled, accurate and meticulous.
Towards the end of the 1990’s, CADCAM (Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing) took its first steps in the orthopaedic field. It has enabled the ortho-prosthetists to design and make orthosis and prosthesis using a 3D scanner, digital rectification software and a machine tool (milling machine or robot).

It was not easy for ortho-prosthetists to adopt this technology and many had to be convinced that this method was efficient and would allow them to keep the benefits of their experience and knowledge. Today, this technology has reached maturity and is now essential.
Thanks to this technology, the quality of devices has improved, production time and costs have been reduced and contrary to preconceived ideas, it allows technicians to continue to promote their knowledge and creativity.
The ortho-prosthetist has thus become a virtual craftsman since he corrects orthopaedic devices in three dimensions. And this, for his patients’ happiness, for whom taking measurements has become painless and almost instantaneous.

Rodin4D, a system created by and for orthoprosthetists

Rodin4D is a complete CAD/CAM system developed in 2004 to meet the needs of the second largest orthopaedic group in France, Lagarrigue Orthopédie.

From the start, Rodin4D has set about answering professional problems specific to the orthopaedic field unlike other systems coming from the industrial circuit. As such, Lagarrigue ortho-prosthetists themselves have taken part in analysing requirements and designing the system. Since then, the Rodin4D solution has been adopted by more than 150 orthopaedic companies worldwide and is distributed on all continents.
In a constant search of innovation, Rodin4D offers progressive products and personalized finance solutions. Finally, Rodin4D focuses a major part of their efforts on technical and sales support to give their clients complete satisfaction.